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Plastic Pushbutton - SD30 Series
SD30 Flat button (normal contact)
Product Introduction:

- Small size and light weight.

- Finger safety screw terminal.

- Protection level: IP20(IEC605029)(front panel: IP65). 

- Modular contact blocks make installation and removal easier. 

- Resin frame type, a wide variety of metal frame types.

- Pushbuttons, indicators , selector switches, and E-stop switches are available in a variety of styles.

- An emergency stop button switch that meets international standards is available.

- Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions.

- Direct opening action function (IEC60947-5-1 attachment K). 

- Secure locking structure(IEC60947-5-5; Item 6.2). 

- Buttons, shades and shrouds are polished surfaces to reduce reflections caused by ambient light.

SD30 Flat button (normal contact)
Wenzhou Jinhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
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