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Plastic Pushbutton - HQ Button Switch And Indicator Light
HQ Emergency stop switch
Product Introduction:

- Small size and light weight;

- Finger safety screw terminal;

- Protection level: IP20 (IEC60529) (front panel: IP65) combined contact block makes installation and disassembly more convenient;

- Resin frame type, rich in metal frame type;

- Button switch, indicator light, selector switch, emergency stop switch are complete;

- Emergency stop button switch in line with international standards;

- Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions;

- Press the lock to pull out or rotate the reset;

- Direct open action function (according to IEC60947-5-1 Annex K);

- Safety lock structure (IEC60947-5-5; item 6.2);

- The indicator light is covered with a large lampshade to ensure a wider viewing angle range and enhance safety.

- Buttons, shades and shields are polished surfaces to reduce reflections caused by ambient light;

- Obtained UL, c-UL, CCC certification, in line with EN standards.

HQ Emergency stop switch
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