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Industrial robot industry
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Application cases of industrial robot industry

Introduce you to various process examples in the industrial robot industry





In order to eliminate the operation of pressing the wrong switch on the driver's seat after the light turns dark, measures need to be taken to ensure a good line of sight after dark. As a corresponding measure, it can be considered to use LED light source to illuminate the switch button at the operation position, which can illuminate the sign printed on the switch. It also has a strong sense of presence in the dark driver's seat, which helps to reduce the risk of misoperation and prevent accidents. In addition, the button switch logo can be customized and has the advantage of high usability.


For example, for special vehicles such as garbage collection vehicles, controllers are set outside the vehicle body so that operators can operate from outside the vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle body is often exposed to wind and rain, especially the garbage collection vehicle may be covered with sand and dust, so waterproof and dustproof measures need to be taken to prevent switch failure. Waterproof and dustproof, solid structure, suitable for the harsh service environment of garbage collection vehicles, and there is no need to worry about failure when cleaning.

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