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CNC machine tool industry
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Application scheme of NC machine tool industry

Introduce various application examples of CNC machine tool industry



Considering the processing accuracy and processing speed, if the design of the machining department is changed, the risk is too high and it is generally not easy to change. Therefore, only the design of the control part can be considered to be modified. In view of this situation, Jinhong recommends miniaturizing the control panel as an effective solution. If each control part is replaced with an exquisite type, it is easier to realize the miniaturization of the control panel and expand the internal space of the machine tool. For example, the use of small relays can not only achieve the same performance as traditional relays, but also reduce the use space by about half (compared with our products).





The long service life of the relay reduces the replacement frequency, and the excellent design of the socket part makes the replacement operation easier

Jinhong electric appliance has various control components led by relays in the machine tool, such as button switches, indicator lights, LED lighting, safety switches, emergency stop switches, as well as various safety components. At the same time, it has a large number of safety instructors and has reliability and actual performance in safety. 


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