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Elevator industry
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Application cases of elevator industry

The application cases of elevator industry introduce you to various process solutions in elevator industry.

Simply improving the circuit can prevent forced switching to normal operation mode due to power failure


As a long-term and durable public equipment, elevators should take into account the possible emergencies such as natural disasters or power outages.

Rebuilding the electrical system requires very complex circuit design, which takes too much time and energy. Therefore, Jinhong electric appliance provides a simple but safe relay product, which is different from ordinary relays. It uses a coil of two permanent magnets. Energizing one coil is used as the operation mode for switching inspection, and energizing the other coil is used as the normal operation mode.

During maintenance, the safety shall be ensured through the relevant prompts of bridge compartment movement



As a countermeasure required by the above safety standards, prepare indicator lights, buzzers, etc., which can not only emit light and sound, but also have a built-in flashing circuit, which only needs to be prepared under the lift car φ The installation hole of 22 is equipped with a lighting warning buzzer to correspond to the new safety standard. Moreover, because the protection grade is IP65 and has waterproof performance, the emergency elevator that needs to be waterproof can also be directly installed and used. Without increasing cost, time and energy, any elevator can simply and easily ensure safety.


Strengthen the safety of elevator



From the button switch unit to the control box, the whole corresponds to the new safety standard

Jinhong Electric has rich experience in mechanical safety and can put forward suggestions for new control box from the perspective of mechanical safety. For customers, Jinhong electric appliance can combine the above while developing, manufacturing and quality management of emergency stop switch, button switch, selector switch and control box, and put forward the suggestion of control box corresponding to safety standards, which is the biggest highlight.

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